We at Global Planet provide a diverse range of single user form filling projects to individual persons. The soft copies of data will be provided to you in your computer and you will be given a deadline to complete the project. In this process, you have to fill up the data using the available soft copies.

You can start working on the project by logging the system. Only one user is allowed to work on a SINGLE SEATER DATA ENTRY PROJECT. Users have to complete the form on different industry verticals, including health insurance, medical industry, and education and so on.

Our SINGLE USER DATA ENTRY WORK is open for all. Anyone from any age group with any qualification background can apply for our data entry project. You as a user will be provided necessary materials including video training/ working steps/guidelines through video before asking you to start working on the project.

We charge you a nominal fee as a security to join you a Single User Form Filling Project. The amount of the fee majorly depends on the type of work. It’s also important for you to complete the legal formalities before getting engaged to apply for any work with us. You will also be asked to go with legal security about work contract & payment.


One of the prominent global service providers, Ethos Reliable, brings their most valuable service: Single seater Data Entry Services India.

We offer technology enabled business solutions to our clients, which are effective, efficient, and quite beneficial to them.

We promise to deliver a perfect combination of innovative results, skilled high quality output and excellent unmatched business values to our customers.

Global Planet is famous for its outsourcing services, and the driving force behind us is our ultimate dedication and the attitude of never giving up.

With a lot of experience in single seater services domain, we have also seen an outrageous and tremendous growth in our client list, which is now a trending hotspot.


The Decision you will never regret

Global Planet is quite accomplished and executive when it comes to results, that is, uses its manpower expertise and critically analyses the best performances for your business outputs.

Our prime focus always remains on providing high value services to the clients and provide them best of our single seater data entry services.

Single seater data entry services Noida are well versed and highly professional when it comes to work and advices.

Having worked with excellent clients and reputed organisations, we have maintained an excellent track record of all times.

Our service and project execution is safe, secure, and channelized through safest means, that is, you don’t have to worry about your confidentiality.

We have amalgamated our seamless Vision and superior mission with high standards of technical depths.

We also have several schemes and offers at our other vivid services, which will help you get a customized and avertible single seater service package for your business.

We don’t work for you; rather we work together with you! Our skilled and polished resources are always available at your service, keeping in mind your need and demands. They will never let you down, as their work is highly qualified and acknowledged. We have worked quite hard and a lot towards our single seater data entry services, and finally emerged as a giant leader of such single seater services in the market.

Contact or book us for your business soon to eexperience and explore our services at a rate under your budget, and feedback us your experience, as your feedback is quite valuable to us, which in turn helps us to improve and learn more.

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