Website Development

Website development is not only about creating websites, it’s about creating brands. It’s an art of giving your business a face for the online customers. It’s also referred to as a 30 sec game. Online visitors are so impatient that on an average they spend only 30 seconds on a website. If the website is attractive and has meaningful content in it, the customer tends to spend more than 30 seconds and if this happens, award yourself for winning the game.Also your get rewarded with a loyal customer for your website.
However winning the game is not easy. An individual needs a right partner to make such a website. This partner is no one but a skillful and intelligent website designing company. One should look for the following points to make sure you win the game:-

1. Receptiveness
One should start assessing a website designing company right from the very first interaction. If the company shows seriousness in handling your queries and concerns and gets back to you with answers on time then the company has cleared the first test for selection.
2. Advisor
If you were an expert, you would not have wasted your precious time to look for a website designing company. You would have made the website yourself however this is not the case in today’s discussion. An individual would explain his idea and vision, as to what he wants to achieve out of the website. A good website development company would never blindly sign the contract without having further discussion. It would advise the individual with the necessary prerequisites as well as the enhancements that can be done that would further glorify the idea of the customer. For example advising the customer for choosing the right kind of hosting platform.
3. Company’s Website
Just to have an idea about the creativity and the competitiveness of a website designing company, have a look at their website. You would yourself be able to judge whether the company canfulfill your idea or not. One such example of website development company is Global Planet that has an attractive as well as user friendly website and has a long list of satisfied customers
4. Previous projects
To assess the capability of the website designer, it’s always best to look into the past projects. Versatility of projects shows the command of the website designer over his work.
5. After sales support
Most of the customers get cheated during this phase. Either there is a delay in resolving issues during this phase or the worst scenario could be that your issue never gets resolved. To avoid such situation, try having a word with the existing clients
6. Who is your SPOC?
The customer should get it clarified well in advance before signing the contract if the company would share the contact details of the website developer directly or not. It’s the developer who make the website and it makes sense to directly have a word with him during the development and after sales stage.

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